Interactive 3D Digital Humans

Andrew Jones


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Date: November 8, 2017


This talk will cover recent methods for recording and displaying interactive life-sized digital humans using the ICT Light Stage, natural language interfaces, and automultiscopic 3D displays. We will then discuss the first full application of this technology to preserve the experience of in-person interactions with Holocaust survivors

Further Information:

Andrew Jones is a computer graphics programmer and inventor at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technology. In 2004, Jones began working in cultural heritage, using 3D scanning techniques to virtually reunite the Parthenon and its sculptures. The resulting depictions of the Parthenon were featured in the 2004 Olympics, PBS’s NOVA, National Geographic, the IMAX film Greece: Secrets of the Past, and The Louvre. However computer generated worlds only truly come alive when combined with interactive human characters.Subsequently, Andrew developed new techniques to record dynamic human facial and full-body performances. These photoreal real-time characters have been used by companies such as ImageMetrics, Activision, Digital Domain and Weta for visual effects and games. As part of his PhD, Jones designed new display devices that can show 3D imagery to multiple viewers without the need for stereo glasses, winning “Best Emerging Technology” at SIGGRAPH 2007. His current work with the USC Shoah Foundation explores how to use digital humans and holographic technology to change how we communicate with each other and the past.

Created: Wednesday, November 8th, 2017