iOptik: Contact Lens–Enabled Wearable Display Platform


Arthur Zhang


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Date: November 12, 2014


A revolution in technology is currently underway with wearable electronics that will dramatically change how we interact with technology. Among all the ways that technology can provide us with sensory input and feedback, no method is more important than through our visual system. With smartphones, tablets, and TVs becoming ever larger to enable a more enjoyable and natural way to interact with digital content, consumers, industry, and military alike are turning to wearable displays. We are all seeking the ideal display that fits unobtrusively into our everyday lives, while providing very high visual performance. Innovega’s iOptik wearable display system accomplishes this by breaking away from any conventional optical method and merging the optics of the wearable display into high-tech contact lenses. The contact lenses provide the wearer with the ability to see their surroundings with perfectly corrected vision, while simultaneously allowing them the ability to view an immersive display, in a tiny form factor, embedded within fashionable eyewear. This talk will present an overview of how our technology works and provide some examples of the elements within our system.

Further Information:

Arthur Zhang is an engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur. He has been working in the startup environment since graduating with a PhD in applied physics in 2010 and is now the Senior Member of Technical Staff at Innovega. He has been responsible for developing many of the key components of Innovega’s technology, including the world’s first polarized contact lens. He has also been a key contributor to Innovega’s many eyewear platforms. Arthur has great interest in the merging of technology with the human body and is an expert in the integration of nano/micro-scale devices into medical devices.

Created: Thursday, November 13th, 2014