Lensless On-chip Imaging of Cells


Aydogan Ozcan

(University of California, Los Angeles)

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Date: 04/05/2012


Today there are more than 5 billion cell‐phone users in the world, and the majority of these cellphones are being used in the developing parts of the world. This massive volume of wireless phone communication brings an enormous cost‐reduction to cellphones despite their sophisticated hardware and software capabilities. Quite importantly, most of these existing cellphones are also already equipped with advanced digital imaging and sensing platforms that can be utilized for various health monitoring applications. This impressive advancement is one of the central building blocks of the emerging fields of “Telemedicine” and “Wireless Health”.
Centered on this vision, in this talk I will introduce fundamentally new imaging and detection architectures that can compensate in the digital domain for the lack of complexity of optical components by use of novel theories and numerical algorithms to address the immediate needs and requirements of Telemedicine for Global Health Problems. Specifically, I will present an on‐chip cytometry and microscopy platform that utilizes cost‐effective and compact components to enable digital recognition and 3D microscopic imaging of cells with sub‐cellular resolution over a large field of view without the need for any lenses, bulky optical components or coherent sources such as lasers.
Further, I will discuss lens‐free implementations of various other computational imaging modalities on the same platform such as pixel super‐resolution imaging, lens‐free on‐chip tomography, holographic opto‐fluidic microscopy/tomography. Finally, I will demonstrate lens‐free on‐chip imaging of fluorescently labeled cells over an ultra wide field of view of >8 cm2, which could be especially important for rare cell analysis (e.g., detection of circulating tumor cells), as well as for high‐throughput screening of DNA/protein micro‐arrays.

Created: Thursday, April 5th, 2012