Bidirectional OLED Microdisplays: Technology and Applications

Bernd Richter

(Fraunhofer FEP)

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Date: June 5, 2015


Microdisplays based on the OLED-on-Silicon technology getting more and more spread in data glasses and electronic viewfinders. In these applications the OLED microdisplay can take advantage of its low power consumption and the self-emitting behaviour of the OLED that enables simpler optics because of no need to use an additional backlight illumination. Fraunhofers approach is to extend these advantages by embedding an additional image sensor inside the active display area. So it is possible to create a bidirectional microdisplay (light emission and detection in the same plane). This special feature can be used to realize eye-tracking by capturing the eye-scene of the glass user and thus providing a hands-free capability of interaction with the system. This talk will introduce the OLED-on-Silicon technology and the approach of bidirectional OLED microdisplays and its applications in interactive data-glasses. In addition to that the latest generation of a bidirectional microdisplay with increased SVGA resolution will be demonstrated.

Further Information:

Bernd Richter (Fraunhofer FEP) received his diploma in electrical engineering from TU Dresden in 2003. Afterwards he joined the analog & mixed-signal IC design group at Fraunhofer in Dresden. The focus of his work is the CMOS design for OLED microdisplays and sensor applications as well as More-than-Moore technologies with focus on Organic-on-Silicon. He managed several projects and generations of OLED microdisplays for public and industrial customers. Since 2012 Bernd Richter is heading the department “IC & System Design” at Fraunhofer FEP.

Created: Monday, June 8th, 2015