CLB Podcast: September 2012

Hank Greely

(Center for Law and the Biosciences)

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Date: 09/13/2012


In this podcast: (1) CLB director Hank Greely discusses recent attempts to introduce FMRI-based lie detection as courtroom evidence; (2) CLB Fellow Jake Sherkow analyzes a recent appellate court decision about “pay to delay” settlements between name brand drug companies and generic manufacturers; and (3) CLB Fellow Matt Lamkin argues against proposals to expand regulatory oversight of “enhancement” technologies.

Further Information:

We’ve used some music in the podcast, for which we have a license via Creative Commons:
 1) “Bad Lie” ( by ‘Wheels on Fire’.
2) “pianist enhancement” ( by ‘U Can Unlearn Guitar’

Created: Thursday, September 13th, 2012