Photography: The Big Picture - Current innovations in cameras, sensors and optics


David Cardinal

(Cardinal Photo)

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Date: 6/11/2013


An update on the state of camera technologies and how they are playing out in the marketplace. Being heads-down in one area of technology, it can be easy to lose track of others, even those which might be relevant. A big part of the role of technology journalists like David Cardinal is to look at the big picture and provide this type of context. No area of technology has seen more rapid progress than digital photography. A broad array of new technologies, companies, and products is attacking imaging problems from every direction. David’s unique perspective as both an award-winning pro photographer and veteran tech journalist writing about imaging technologies allows him to speak about many of these developments in the context of how they are faring in the market and where the industry is likely to go from here. In particular, some of the developments in smartphone imagers, mirrorless imaging, and new imaging form factors like Google Glass will be discussed. The goal is also to have a highly interactive presentation, as many of you in the audience are top researchers in these areas and will want to share your own perspectives.

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Created: Wednesday, June 12th, 2013