Mobile Phone Based Clinical Microscopy


Daniel A. Fletcher

(University of California, Berkeley)

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Date: 04/05/2012


Microscopy is a critical tool for disease research, screening, and diagnosis. Presently, use of microscopy for health care is often limited to well‐equipped medical laboratory settings staffed by qualified personnel. In the developing world and other underserved regions, the lack of equipment and expertise required for diagnostic microscopy contributes to poor health, spread of treatable diseases, and emergence of drug‐resistant disease strains. While medical resources are scarce in many developing countries and rural communities, the widespread availability of wireless communication and camera‐enabled mobile phones has the potential to fundamentally change the way medical diagnoses are performed. A compact and portable microscopy system based on a mobile phone and capable of image capture, image processing, and communication with medical experts could dramatically increase access to basic health care by delivering services closer to where patients live and work. This talk will describe recent progress developing and implementing such a device, which we call CellScope, to improve diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Created: Thursday, April 5th, 2012