Deep Learning Imaging Applications

Greg Corrado

Greg Corrado


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Date: April 26, 2017


Deep learning has driven huge progress in visual object recognition in the last five years, but this is one aspect of its application to imaging. This talk will provided a brief overview deep learning and artificial neural networks in computer vision, before delving into wide range of application Google has pursued in this area. Topics will include image summarization, image augmentation, artistic style transfer, and medical diagnostics.

Further Information:

Greg Corrado is a Principal Scientist at Google, and the co-founder of the Google Brain Team. He works at the nexus of artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience, and scalable machine learning, and has published in fields ranging from behavioral economics, to particle physics, to deep learning. In his time at Google he has worked to put AI directly into the hands of users via products like RankBrain and SmartReply, and into the hands of developers via opensource software releases like TensorFlow and word2vec. He currently leads several research efforts in advanced applications of machine learning, ranging from natural human communication to expanded healthcare availability. Before coming to Google, he worked at IBM Research on neuromorphic silicon devices and large scale neural simulations. He did his graduate studies in both Neuroscience and in Computer Science at Stanford University, and his undergraduate work in Physics at Princeton University

Created: Monday, May 8th, 2017