MEMS in Auto and Consumer Applications


Jiri Marek

(Research and Technology Center NA, Robert Bosch LLC)

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Date: January 14, 2016


This presentation provides an overview of current MEMS technology, its applications, and market share. MEMS-fabrication processes are described, and the challenges of MEMS compared to standard IC techniques are discussed. After a description of the evolution of MEMS, the presentation provides a short survey of MEMS applications. Then, the principles of the newest inertial sensors for ESP-systems are described, with an emphasis on the design concepts pertaining to the sensing element, and to the evaluation circuits, for achieving excellent performance. This presentation concludes with an outlook on arising new MEMS applications, such as energy harvesters and micro-fuel cells.

Further Information:

Dr. Marek is currently Senior Vice President of Robert Bosch’s Corporate Research Centers in Palo Alto, Pittsburgh and Boston. He oversees the overall strategy, planning, operations and research direction of the institutes.

Created: Friday, January 15th, 2016