Measuring material and surfaces properties from light fields

Kathrin Berkner

Kathrin Berkner

(Ricoh Innovations)

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Date: March 4, 2015


Light field imaging has been emerging for the past view years. The capability of capturing the light field of a scene in a single snapshot has enabled new applications not just for consumer photography, but also for industrial applications where 3D reconstruction of scenes is desired. A less researched application areas is that of the characterization of materials and surfaces from light fields. In this talk we discuss some of those applications and show how the imaging tasks impact the end-to-end system design of a resulting task-specific light field imaging system.

Further Information:

Kathrin Berkner is Deputy Director of Research at Ricoh Innovations, where she is leading research on sensing technologies and collaborations with Ricoh R&D teams in Japan and India. Her research team of computational imaging experts has been developing technology that made its way into several new imaging products for Ricoh. Before working with optical elements, Dr. Berkner worked on a variety of image and document processing technologies that were implemented in Ricoh’s core multifunction printing products and achieved several internal awards. Prior to joining Ricoh, she was a Postdoctoral Researcher at Rice University, Houston, TX, performing research on wavelets with the Rice DSP group. Dr. Berkner holds a PhD. degree in mathematics from the University of Bremen, Germany.

Created: Thursday, March 5th, 2015