Final project

Kendrick Kay

Date: 06/05/2012


The final project is to write a MATLAB tutorial or blog post on a topic in statistics, data analysis or modeling. We urge you to choose a topic that is relevant for your own research. The topic you choose should have some general applicability and should not just be analyzing your own data with the tools we have taught you. However you are welcome to use your own data as an example in the tutorial/blog or you can write a simulation based on fabricated data (as we have been doing in class). You should turn in your code as a single .m file and a folder of HTML files generated from you code using the matlab “publish” function. It is ok to work in groups of 2 or 3 but every member of the group must participate in the final presentation of the tutorial. If you have questions or need guidance email one of the instructors.

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Final project presentations

Created: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012