Transport-Aware Cameras

Kyros Kutulakos

(Univ. of Toronto)

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Date: April 18, 2018


Conventional cameras record all light falling onto their sensor regardless of its source or its 3D path to the camera. In this talk I will present a emerging family of coded-exposure video cameras that can be programmed to record just a fraction of the light coming from an artificial source—be it a common street lamp or a programmable projector—based on the light path’s geometry or timing. Live video from these cameras offers a very unconventional view of our everyday world in which refraction and scattering can be notice with the naked eye can become apparent, and the flicker of electric lights can be turned into a powerful cue for analyzing the electrical grid from room to city.

I will discuss the unique optical properties and power efficiency of these “transport aware cameras” through three case studies: the ACam for analyzing the electrical grid, EpiScan3D for robust progress toward designing a computational CMOS sensor for coded two-bucket imaging—a novel capability that promises much more flexible and powerful transport-aware cameras compared to existing off-the-shelf solutions.

Created: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018