System Model and Performance Evaluation of Spectrally Coded Plenoptic Cameras


Lingfei Ming


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Date: 1/15/2013


Plenoptic camera architectures are designed to capture a 4D light field of the scene and have been used for different applications, such as digital refocusing and depth estimation. This plenoptic architecture can also be modified to collect multispectral images in a single snapshot by inserting a filter array in the pupil plane of the main lens. In this talk I will first introduce an end-to-end imaging system model for a spectral coded plenoptic camera. I will then present our prototype, which was developed based on a modified DSLR camera containing a microlens array on the sensor and a filter array in the main lens. Finally, I will show results based on both simulations and measurements obtained from the prototype.

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Created: Tuesday, January 15th, 2013