Flavors of color

Luca Fascione


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Date: November 9, 2022


Colors are the key constituents of images, whether these be digital or physical media. However, while most people have an understanding of what color is as it overlaps their respective field of work, it seems there is difficulty bringing together these many separate understandings under a unified conceptual framework. We’ll discuss how it is that color happens, its physical nature, explore how (or whether) it can be measured, and what various different people in separate fields do to turn it into quantities usable to digital image synthesis or processing.

Further Information:

Luca Fascione is a distinguished engineer with Nvidia, working in ray tracing and digital image synthesis. He has previously worked in the movie industry for Weta Digital and Pixar Animation Studios. While at Weta he was the architect of the studio’s production renderer Manuka and several other systems, among them the Facial Motion Capture real-time solver first used on Avatar (2009). This last work was recognized with an Academy Award in 2017.


Created: Thursday, November 10th, 2022