Stanford Brain Rejuvenation Project

As human life expectancy continues to increase, neurodegenerative diseases are increasing in prevalence, posing a growing threat to public health worldwide. Thus, novel treatments and therapeutic interventions are desperately needed. Bridging campus-wide expertise in genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, clinical care, engineering, chemistry, neuroimaging, immunology, regenerative medicine, and basic neurobiology, we propose the Stanford Brain Rejuvenation Project. We will focus on the synapse as the central element of neural communication that deteriorates with aging and in neurodegenerative diseases and study its structure, development, and maintenance as the organism ages. We will put special emphasis on maintenance and regeneration of synaptic/neural circuits and the role of immune processes. A unique feature of our consortium will be the close interactions between clinicians and basic scientists, geneticists and engineers, engineers and clinicians, chemists and clinicians. We aim to be the leading center for neurodegenerative disease research in the country and to train the next generation of scientists and clinicians in this field. We also aim to reach out and actively engage the community and to work with our community partners to help expand knowledge and interest in neurodegenerative disease research.

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Brain Rejuvenation Mini-Symposium 2015