Rethinking the Camera Pipeline to Improve Photographic and Scientific Applications

Michael Brown

(York University, Canada)

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Date: April 6, 2022


The in-camera processing pipeline used in modern consumer cameras (e.g., DSLR and smartphone cameras) is essentially the same design used in early digital consumer cameras from the 1990s. While this original design has stood the test of time, there are many areas in which the current pipeline can be improved. Moreover, with the integration of cameras in our smartphones, there are increasing demands to have cameras operate as scientific imaging devices instead of photographic devices. This talk will describe several recent works addressing limitations in the current camera pipeline and ideas for designing a dual propose pipeline suitable for both photographic and scientific applications.

Further Information:

Michael S. Brown is a professor and Canada Research Chair in Computer Vision at  York University in Toronto.   He is also a senior research director at the Samsung AI Center in Toronto. His small team at Samsung has contributed to technology that has shipped in millions of devices, including the Galaxy phones and tablets. Dr. Brown is a senior member of the computer vision community. He has served as the general and program chair for several of his fields conferences, including ACCV’14, 3DV’15, WACV’11/17/19, and CVPR’18/21/23.

Created: Wednesday, April 6th, 2022