Lightning Talks

Psychology Colloquium Series

(Stanford University)

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Date: October 1, 2014


1. Are Emotions Always Contagious?: Amit Goldenberg, Tamar Saguy, Eran Halperin, James Gross
2. Learning From Actions and Outcomes: Daniel Hawthorne and Noah Goodman
3. Physician Health Behavior As a Cue of Potential Judgment In Doctor-Patient Interactions: Lauren Howe & Benoît Monin
4. The Length of Words Reflects their Conceptual Complexity: Molly L. Lewis and Michael C. Frank
5. Relational Barriers: A Field Experiment to Improve Perspectives On School Discipline: Jason Okonofua, David Paunesku, & Gregory Walton
6. Dynamic Norms: Impacts of Learning About Others’ Behavioral Changes: Gregg Sparkman, Greg Walton
7. Prior State Effects on Instrumental Behavior: Rav Suri, Gal Sheppes, James Gross
8. Three Dimensions Shape Neural and Psychological Representations of Others’ Mental States: Diana Tamir, Mark Thornton, Juan Manuel Contreras, Jason Mitchell
9. Adaptive Engagement of Cognitive Control Reflects a Predictive Model of Task Context: Michael L. Waskom, Michael C. Frank, Anthony D. Wagner

Created: Thursday, October 2nd, 2014