Wi-Fi Everywhere: Reflections on Wi-Fi’s (R)Evolution


Rick Bahr


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Duration: 1h 12m 21s

Date: February 2, 2015


In under 2 decades, Wi-Fi has transformed from a standards’ body curiosity to an almost essential convenience in our daily lives. With a unique perspective anchored in a successful Wi-Fi semiconductor company (Atheros), Rick will trace some of this arc in his talk. The presentation will offer an overview of Wi-Fi applications, and the attendant advance of the 802.11 standard. Particular emphasis will then be offered to the supporting technology, notably, the challenges of the past and the opportunities that lie ahead. The talk will close with a broader view of Wi-Fi’s role in the emerging communications landscape.

Further Information:

Rick Bahr joined the SystemX team as Strategic Advisor.  Rick was last spotted as Sr VP of Engineering at Qualcomm, where he was chartered with driving Wi-Fi technology. Rick joined Qualcomm through its 2011 acquisition of Atheros Communications, which he joined in 2000 to head engineering. Prior to Atheros, Rick held multiple leadership positions in companies such as HP, Prime, Apollo and SGI (where he last was responsible for both MIPS processor and Cray supercomputer hardware engineering). The first two decades of Rick’s professional life were devoted to processor design and architecture, and the last decade and a half to communications.

Rick holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering, both from MIT.

Created: Monday, March 23rd, 2015