Video Coding before and beyond HEVC

Seishi Takamura


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Date: April 25, 2018


We are enjoying video contents in various situations. Though they are already compressed down to 1/10 – 1/1000 from its original size, it has been reported that video traffic over the internet is increasing 31% per year, within which the video traffic will occupy 82% by 2020. This is why development of better compression technology is eagerly demanded. ITU-T/ISO/IEC jointly developed the latest video coding standard, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), in 2013. They are about to start next generation standard. Corresponding proposals will be evaluated at April 2018 meeting in San Diego, just a week before this talk.

In this talk, we will first overview the advances of video coding technology in the last several decades, latest topics including the report of the San Diego meeting, some new approaches including deep learning technique etc. will be presented.

Created: Thursday, April 26th, 2018