A Post-Production Framework for Light-field Based Story-telling


Shailendra Mathur


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Date: 3/22/2013


A strong trend in the media industry is the acquisition of higher data resolutions and broader ranges in color, spatial and temporal domains. Another associated trend is the acquisition of multiple views over the same domains. Media may be captured from multiple devices, a single device with high resolution/range capabilities or, a synthetic source such as a CGI scene. Video productions are evolving from working with a single view on to the scene to capturing as much information as possible. The editor and story-teller is the winner in this world, since they can “super-sample the world and edit it later”. They can extracting the views required for the story they are telling after acquisition has taken place. The role of traditional editing and data management tools becomes challenging to support this multi-view and multi-resolution data sets. Well known editorial and data management techniques have to be applied to multiple media samples of the same scene for different ranges and resolutions in the temporal, color and spatial domains. This talk presents how concepts from the area of Light Fields have been used to for an editorial and data management system to work with these multi-view sources. A proposed data model and run-time system shows how media from various views can be grouped in a way that they appear as a single light field source to the editing and data management functions. The goal of the talk is to encourage a discussion on how this post-production framework can be used make productions with light field acquisition a reality.

Created: Friday, March 22nd, 2013