Monitorless Workspaces and Operating Rooms of the Future: Virtual/Augmented Reality through Multiharmonic Lock-In Amplifiers.


Steve Mann

(University of Toronto)

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Date: April 19, 2017


n my childhood I invented a new kind of lock-in amplifier and used it as the basis for the world’s first wearable augmented reality computer ( This allowed me to see radio waves, sound waves, and electrical signals inside the human body, all aligned perfectly with the physical space in which they were present. I built this equipment into special electric eyeglasses that automatically adjusted their convergence and focus to match their surroundings. By shearing the spacetime continuum one sees a stroboscopic vision in coordinates in which the speed of light, sound, or wave propagation is exactly zero (, or slowed down, making these signals visible to radio engineers, sound engineers, neurosurgeons, and the like. See (below) the attached picture of a violin attached to the desk in my office at Meta, where we’re creating the future of computing based on Human-in-the-Loop Intelligence (

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Created: Friday, April 21st, 2017