Our Fabless Future, a Panel Discussion

Trio Fine

Victor Peng, Paul Franklin, and Mike Gianfagna

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Date: March 31, 2016


This panel’s intent is to review and discuss the past, present and especilally the future for the fabless model of semiconductor development. There will be 3 short presentations followed by a moderated q&a.

Paul Franklin will drawn upon his extensive experience in Silicon Valley to bring us to the present.  His talk will discuss the evolution of our industry, and now its growing consolidation.

Mike Gianfagna, with his perspective anchored in eSilicon, will talk to the emerging model of cloud-based tools, shared fab access and shared logistics management, all keeping the door open to ASIC development for the small to modest scale end product, as well as, for fabless semiconductor companies more generally.

Victor Peng, from Xilinx, will present the alternative model of repurposing of high volume but configurable standard products/platforms. FPGA’s, and their programmable platform brethren: PSoCs/MPSoCs represent a faster and more developmentally economical manner of semiconductor product realization.

Further Information:

Victor Peng (Executive Vice President & General Manager of Products, Xilinx), Paul Franklin (Independent Advisor) and Mike Gianfagna (Vice President of Marketing, eSilicon)

Created: Friday, April 1st, 2016