Towards Immersive Telepresence: Stereoscopic 360-degree Vision in Realtime

Tamay Aykut

(Stanford University)

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Date: February 5, 2020


The technological advances in immersive telepresence are greatly impeded by the challenges that need to be met when mediating the realistic feeling of presence in a remote environment to a local human user.  Providing a stereoscopic 360° visual representation of the distant scene further fosters the level of realism and greatly improves task performance. State-of-the-art technology has primarily developed catadioptric or multi-camera systems to address this issue. Current solutions are bulky, not realtime capable, and tend to produce erroneous image content due to the stitching processes involved, which are prone to perform poorly for texture-less scenes. In this talk, I will introduce a vision on-demand approach that creates stereoscopic scene information upon request. A real-time capable camera system along with a novel deep learning-based delay-compensation paradigm will be presented that provides instant visual feedback for highly immersive telepresence.

Created: Wednesday, February 5th, 2020