Perceptual Displays Today & Tomorrow – Productization and Evaluation

Tara Akhavan


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Date: November 16, 2022


The evolution of displays in various industries has been a key factor in satisfying consumers. In the automotive space specifically, Perceptual and Immersive displays are inspiring more manufacturers to build products matching the end user’s desires while also accounting for vehicle safety factors such as visibility in poor weather, eye fatigue, seamless interaction, and compensating for age and gender biases. In this talk, Dr. Akhavan will share her experience introducing perceptual displays to the automotive industry, combining physiological and mechanical testing methods to assess her solutions, and most importantly, measuring the performance of perceptual displays compared to traditional displays.

Further Information:

Tara Akhavan, PhD. is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and pioneer in the field of Perceptual Display Processing for the consumer and automotive industry. Prior to founding IRYStec, a Series-A Montreal-based start-up, she was awarded for scaling an Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC) product in the telecommunications industry from analysis and design to deployment in a 3GPP mobile network with 20 million subscribers. She earned her bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, a master’s degree in artificial intelligence and a PhD in image processing and computer vision from Vienna University of Technology.

Created: Wednesday, November 16th, 2022