Light Field Display Architectures


Tibor Balogh

(CEO - Holografika)

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Date: 5/30/2013


Holografika multi-projector display systems provide high quality hologram-like horizontal-parallax automultiscopic viewing for multiple observers without the need for tracking or restrictive viewing positions. They range in size from TV-box-set to wall-filling life size. Unlike other glasses-free 3D displays offering few perspectives, HoloVizio presents a near-continuous view of the 3D light field free of inversions, discontinuities, repeated views, or their accompanying discomfort – and all this with a near 180 degree region of viewing. The presentation will highlight design considerations and performance issues, and cover aspects for interactive use.

Further Information:

The latest Holografika display– the HoloVizio 80WLT with a 30″ diagonal – was on site and available for viewing.  A 2D video showing this 3D system is available here:  Specifications can be seen at

Created: Thursday, May 30th, 2013