Digital Pathology - Beyond Pathology


Yukako Yagi

(Harvard University)

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Conventional histopathology is rapidly shifting towards digital integration. The ability to digitize histopathology slides automatically, rapidly and a high resolution has been advanced by numerous investigators around the world over the past approximately fifteen years. We provide an overview of current digital pathology applications and research with emphasis on whole slide imaging (WSI) and beyond. Static or interactive digital pathology work stations already can be used for many purposes, e.g. telepathology expert consultations, frozen section diagnosis in remote areas, cytology screening, quality assurance, diagnostic validations for clinical trials, quantitation of hormone receptor in cancer, or three‐dimensional visualization of anatomical structures, among others. Changes of workflow in histology laboratories are beginning to enable digital image acquisition and WSI in a routine setting. WSI plays an increasingly important roles in pathology education, glass slide boxes in medical schools are being replaced by digital slide collections (virtual slide box); digital slide seminars and virtual microscopy are used for postgraduate and continuing medical education in pathology. Research to improve WSI in many ways and efforts to validate WSI systems for diagnostic settings are ongoing. The advanced versions of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for in –vivo biopsy, Microtomography (Micro CT) for the frozen sections, and Light CT have joined in Digital Pathology world. It may bring new era in Pathology.

Created: Thursday, April 5th, 2012