Remote Photonic Sensing and Super Resolved Imaging

Zeev Zalevsky

Zeev Zalevsky

(Bar-Ilan University)

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Date: February 11, 2015


My talk will be divided into two parts. In the first I will present a technological platform that can be used for remote sensing of biomedical parameters as well as for establishing a directional communication channel. The technology is based upon illuminating a surface with a laser and then using an imaging camera to perform temporal and spatial tracking of secondary speckle patterns in order to have nano metric accurate estimation of the movement of the back reflecting surface. If the back reflecting surface is a skin located close to main blood arteries then biomedical monitoring can be realized. If the surface is close to our neck or head then a directional communication channel can be established.
The proposed technology was already applied for remote and continuous estimation of heart beats, blood pulse pressure, intra ocular pressure, estimation of alcohol and glucose concentrations in blood stream as well as for early detection of malaria. It was also experimentally used as invisible photonic mean for remote, directional and noise isolated sensing of speech signals.
The second part of my talk will deal with optical super resolution. Digital imaging systems as well as human vision system have limited capability for separation of spatial features. Therefore, the imaging resolution is limited. The reasons to this limitation are related to the effect of diffraction i.e. the finite dimensions of the imaging optics, the geometry of the sensing array and its sensitivity as well as the axial position of the object itself which may be out of focus.
In my talk I will present novel photonic approaches and means to exceed the above mentioned limitations existing in the vision science and eventually to allow us having super resolved imaging providing improved lateral and axial capabilities for separation of spatial features.

Further Information:

Zeev Zalevsky is a full Professor in the faculty of engineering in Bar-Ilan University, Israel. His major fields of research are optical super resolution, biomedical optics, nano-photonics and electro-optical devices, RF photonics and beam shaping. Zeev received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from Tel-Aviv University in 1993 and 1996 respectively. He has many publications, patents and awards recognizing his significant contribution to the field of super resolved imaging and biomedical sensing. Zeev is an OSA, SPIE and EOS fellow and IEEE senior member. He is currently serving as the vice Dean of engineering, the head of the electro-optics track and a director of the Nanophotonics Center at the Bar-Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology. Zeev is also the founder of several startup companies.

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